sentient letters (bonesmanbible) wrote,
sentient letters

My random walk in the city today ended with a solitary outing in a movie theatre. It was all very unexpected, seeing how the tram takes me to where I please, I eventually hop on one on Collins St, landing me right outside Sofitel. The shows advertised on the billboards did not interest me, but I went in anyway, to find the Barbarian Invasions starting in approximately 10 seconds.The eftpos was kind this afternoon, and processing my transaction quick enough to allow me a three second leeway to settle comfortably in a relatively empty cinema (and that's how I like my cinema) before the movie started. This is one of the most intelligent movies I've seen in quite a while, it's not so much of its critic on leftist idealogy or the invasion of more barbaric capitalistic ideal into this cosy canadian community, it certainly is more than the cancerous streaks that we all have to endure, and it does not stop at how terrible system such as medicare can be, and truly I always detest medicare, they are unreliable. I like the pacing of the movie and what it represents to me as our constant struggle for meaning. Perhaps this is a justifiable sequel for the entire weekend of Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. But rightly so, it strikes a chord in my heart, for the very reason that my aimless walk in the city is also an attempt to find some meaning. Some analogy, something comfortable other than the dreadful silence and the stifling presence of another person. There is however something celebratory in the plot that I miss, maybe I miss the whole point of it to begin with, perhaps there is nothing except all the ironies of life that shows how funny it is. Or maybe I love the conversations, quick, sharp, randy. And hope for something similar.
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